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1866 Related to Administration of Teflis

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1842 Clerics for Prisoners

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1846 Misc.

Fund 288, List 1, Doc. N 14

RECORD Transcaucasia Shia Spiritual Board

Correspondence about miscellaneous issues.

Additional notes: Office of the Shaykh al-Islām of Transcaucasia

Started – February 9, 1846

Completed – November 5, 1846

Consists of 27 pages

On the page 2 is the letter dated by 18th February 1846

Sent by the Chancellery Viceroy of the Caucasus

addressed to the Tiflis Sheikh Ismail Akhund Mamed Ali


Agha Mir Ibrahim, the Perisian citizen, whom this Akhund did not let to enter the Mosque for praying and have hurt and insulted him. As the result of this event he appealed to the Chancellery Viceroy Governor of the Caucasus. For reporting to the Viceroy on this case, the director, State Councillor requested Akhund’s explanation.

Translated by P.A.

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1863 Inheritance

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Azerbaijani (Translation of the Question)
Question about Inheritance


Answer from Sheikholeslam


1850 Order







1889 – Metrics, etc.

This file is large, I have only posted the first pages, the file consists of correspondence from different sources written to the Ecclesiastical Board of the Shia Muslims of Trans-Caucasus اداره روحانی شیعه مذهب مسلمین زاقفقاز


Fund 290, List 1, Record 653 (consists of 151 pages)
RECORD Shia Ecclesiastical Board Date – 04 January, 1889 – 20 July, 1913
Title – Correspondence with military district headquarters, Javad District Chief about giving leave (from service) for Muslims of both branches during the religious holidays, about issuing metric certificates, and etc. PA


Below is the file’s second cover:
Dates: 04 January, 1889 – 30 December, 1889
Title: About papers which do not need any further work. PA


From the Justice House of the city of Ordobad
1888 – 29 December
To the Shia Ecclesiastical Board of the Muslims of Transcaucasia


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From the Shia Judge (Qazi) of Nekha Uyezd (District)
To The Shia Ecclesiastical Board of Transcaucasia


Signed by the Shia Qazi of Nukha
Statistical information on births, deaths, marriages, divorces, mosques, clerics, religious endowments, schools, male and female teachers, male and female students

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